2022 National Leadership & Citizenship Conference

November 4-6, 2022 | Atlanta, Georgia

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National Leadership & Citizenship Conference

March 18-21, 2023 Washington, DC

Creating the best leaders for tomorrow!

For years, ASACC has trained its attendees on the critical components of success for student leaders at community colleges. ASACC focuses on three main themes: leadership, citizenship, and advocacy. Good student leaders, who create good student governments on their campus, must learn the basics of all three of these concepts in order to be successful as student government leaders and later as community, state, and even national leaders.

Leadership is a broad topic with many different theories and ideas. Why are there so many leaders who consistently refuse to lead? Students will be exposed to leadership theory with a discussion around the practical application of these theories in student leadership and student government setting.

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Who is ASACC?

About Us

ASACC is a national organization that provides leadership, citizenship, and advocacy development opportunities for community college student government leaders. We are the only student association dedicated exclusively to the community college student leaders and strive to provide opportunities for these students to network and share a common voice on national issues.