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Happy New Year!

ASACC wishes to thank all its member colleges for their association and participation in our programs at the beginning of the new year. We hope you continue to find success in your programs and learning in 2022.

The ASACC National Student Advocacy Conference is just around the corner. The conference will take place March 19-22, 2022, at the Washington Plaza Hotel in the heart of Washington, D.C. The conference will feature speakers, workshops, and activities to teach participants about the federal role and programs that impact community college students. The final days of the conference include visits to your Congressional Offices to put the training to work. (Colleges are responsible to make their own appointment with their Congressional Offices. But ASACC is always available to help with the process.

Regular registration is now open. Give your students the opportunity of a lifetime in our Nation’s Capital. Information on registration, hotel rates, and more is available on our website at

Please contact us at or (801) 368-2289 if you need assistance or have questions.


Phil Clegg, Ed.D., Executive Director

American Student Association of Community Colleges

(801) 368-2289

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