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NATIONAL Student Leadership


Citizenship Conference


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November 5-7, 2021

For years, ASACC has trained its attendees on the critical components of success for student leaders at community colleges. ASACC focuses on three main themes: leadership, citizenship, and advocacy. Good student leaders, who create good student governments on their campus, must learn the basics of all three of these concepts in order to be successful as student government leaders and later as a community, state, and even national leaders.


Leadership is a broad topic with many different theories and ideas. Why are there so many leaders who consistently refuse to lead? Students will be exposed to leadership theory with a discussion around the practical application of these theories in student leadership and student government setting.


What is citizenship? What does it mean to be a good citizen? What are the best ways to get involved in your community? Explore these questions with your colleagues from around the country. Professionals with decades of experience will lead workshops and forums centered on civic engagement for students now, and in the future.


Advocacy is often seen as “lobbying”, and while lobbying is a component of advocacy there is much, much more to know about serving the students who elected you as their advocate. Advocating for your constituents on your campus, in your local community, with legislators and other state officials, and with Congress on a national level are all critical to your success as a student leader.


Register for this conference, develop your skills, make a long term difference! LEARN HOW TO LEAD, LEARN THE ART OF BEING A GOOD CITIZEN, LEARN HOW TO GET YOUR VOICE HEARD!


Learn leadership and citizenship skills and strategies to take back to your campus. 


Improve your student government organization through new trends, discussions, and tactics. 


Network and connect. Meet and exchange ideas with peers from across the country. 


Learn from and meet relevant experts and influencers face to face through ASACC's partnership with ForCollegeforLife


Break out of your comfort zone through networking, presenting, and collaborating. 


Get off-campus and explore Nashville! 

Meet The Speakers

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Educator. Trainer. Relationship Builder. Learner.

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Public Speaker. Author. Podcast Host.

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Director of Campus Engagement and Student Activities at High Point University

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CEO/Speaker at ForCollegeForLife | Husband/Father/Son | HOF Fraternity Man | BJJ Purple Belt | #BeTheMan #ImperfectAlly

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